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Trita Parsi, The Court Has Spoken

Hats off to Trita Parsi and his colleague Reza Marashi, who have  blocked us as followers of their Twitter accounts. By doing so, they gave us a huge complement – that this young blog’s in the right direction. It’s their

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Dan Joyner, Anti-IAEA Lobby Upgrade

Gliding through the blogosphere we bumped into the strangest thing: this “public service announcement” by arms control blogger Dan Joyner for Iranian apologist Yousaf Butt, by now well known to readers of this blog (here and here). On the whole we’ve

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Post-mortem: Almaty 2

Getting to know you: in lieu of solid information about what exactly transpired in the negotiating room, this seems to be the media focus regarding the outcome of the Almaty 2 meeting. Troubling (centrifuges still spinning etc.). Judging by the

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Almaty 2

It’s that time again, another P5+1 meeting in Almaty. Truth is, recent media coverage of anything but has been much more enriching. Worth a look-see. First off: AP’s George Jahn interview with IAEA head Amano got totally buried in the

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Rewriting an Atomic Reality: Iran’s foot soldiers back to work

At the same time as the IAEA, the internationally recognized nuclear watchdog of the UN, released its most recent critical report of Iran’s nuclear program (see my recent post), Farhad Pouladi from AFP decided to rewrite the news. A full

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Iran’s ‘unofficial’ spokespeople: Another turn of the screw

Tehran’s apologists seem to have taken their public advocacy effort to the next level. We’ve already noticed; the media’s a bit slower to come around. Take “the Ambassador” – Hossein Mousavian, former nuclear negotiator and currently Tehran’s most hyperactive (and

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Yousaf Butt: Scientist, Propagandist – or Both?

 Where does Yousaf Butt stand on the Iranian nuclear crisis? This is no trivial question; in fact, the answer should be key for those – including a few thoughtful journalists like Julian Borger  who relied on the article Butt co-wrote

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