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The other side of Rouhani

During the election campaign of Rouhani and following his election, he was portrayed as the moderate leader. During the campaign he went out against extremists, calling for more freedom, supporting more engagement and negating gender discrimination. Many media outlets were

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Time for accountability of organizers of discriminatory sport events in Iran

Only a month ago (March 15) we ran a piece about sports discrimination in Iran, due to the expelling of the teen siblings from chess tournaments. Here we stand only a month later, with two more incidents of sports gender

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Betrayal of Western Values – Bowing to Iranian Gender Discrimination

The Swedish delegation’s visit to Iran, obediently adorning headscarves, was reported by different media outlets and received attention from various Human rights organizations.  Rightly so. Although, the full scope of the significance of this affair has not been emphasized enough.

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EU Politicians Vs. Public Opinion On Iran – and what it all has to do with chess

This week, politicians in the EU parliament discussed a new EU Strategy Towards Iran After The Nuclear Agreement , for renewed relations between the EU and Iran. As reported in Jewish Telegraphic Agency (eu-road-map-for-relations-with-iran-ignores-its-anti-semitism-terrorism), the strategy, or road map, compiled

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Only In Rio – Iranian Women Reclaim Volleyball Stadiums

Iran made headlines this month not just because of its Olympic achievements, but also because of its unprecedented decision to choose a female athlete – trailblazing wheelchair archer Zahra Nemati, a former Paralympic gold medalist who qualified for Rio –

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Iran and Islamic State – More Similar Than Catches the Eye

The horrors of the brutal “caliphate” of the Islamic State – from its slave market to the numerous terrorist attacks it has perpetrated – are documented all over the media, as is its hypocrisy. Iran has tried to present itself

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Reading Shakespeare and living Shakespeare in Tehran

What does renowned playwright William Shakespeare have to do with Iran? Evidently, quite a lot, as several articles in recent weeks have discussed the Bard’s reception in the Islamic state as the world marks the 400th anniversary of his death.

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