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The NYT’s medical idée fixe

The New York Times recently hosted a long op-ed column by someone named Siamak Namazi, who presents the results of his ‘research’ concerning the medical situation in Iran. This act of generosity toward a veritable stranger to the discourse on Iran seemed

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Iran spreading the love (actually the terror… but we can always hope)

The tentacles are spreading far and wide. An authoritative report has just reconfirmed this. The media got the juicy stuff, but not the gist (why, we’re not sure). Iran’s major front – the global subversive/psychological/ideological campaign – is led by

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As we mourn a blogger, the US demonstrates its support for freedom of expression.

The death of Sattar Behesti – an anti regime blogger – rightly caused outrage across the globe; outrage which was reflected in most of the reportage on the matter.  The response and reaction from the both the conventional media and

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‘Coming to America’ – Ahmadinejad and his welcoming committee

Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinejad is due back on American soil in the next few days for his annual visit.   The president makes most Americans cringe with embarrassment.  From his holocaust denial, wild claims about the West blocking rain clouds from

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