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Iran Has a Drug Problem

“Iran has one of the highest drug addiction rates in the world” (huffingtonpost). It’s not ignoring it per se: the state seems to crack down on it with all the harsh means at its disposal, from seizing illegal drugs (many

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What’s New in Europe?

A month’s passed since our last Europe update. This time mostly bad news (readers beware), so let’s begin with the good. Major development in the drug issue, which we’ve been closely following: the Danish government has decided to stop funding the

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A sanctioned criminal preaching in Vienna

Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar is a wanted man.  Wanted for brutally oppressing democracy protestors.  Wanted for systematically abusing the basic human rights of his fellow Iranians. The Iran Daily Brief Blog explains: So what was he doing traveling around Europe as a

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Tackling drugs: The Iranian way…

Iran’s official news agencies are once again proudly flaunting (in English) their ‘successful’ anti-drugs activities. Fars News Agency, for example, led with this headline last week: Iranian Police Intercept Huge Heroin Cargo En Route to Europe. Some European news agencies

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The West’s Stalwart Ally in the War on Drugs: Iran (Really? Really? Well actually no, not THAT Iran)

Thomas Erdbrink’s article ‘The West’s Stalwart ally in the war on drugs: Iran (Yes, that Iran)’ presents a dangerously monolithic picture of what is a multicolored and multi-faceted issue. In his article, the Iranian general and his troops are fighting

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