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UK Going Soft on Iran?

So caught up in France and Netanyahu, media outlets totally missed one of the big stories of last week’s nuclear talks in Geneva:  a possible change for the worse in the UK’s position on Iran. When talks ended inconclusively on

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What’s the UK Been Doing Lately About Iran?

London appears to be quite busy on Iran, judging by recent media reports. Let’s put matters in order. True to its positive, decade-long role in the Iranian nuclear crisis, Great Britain maintains a comprehensive policy vis-à-vis Tehran. Aware of the

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Iran spreading the love (actually the terror… but we can always hope)

The tentacles are spreading far and wide. An authoritative report has just reconfirmed this. The media got the juicy stuff, but not the gist (why, we’re not sure). Iran’s major front – the global subversive/psychological/ideological campaign – is led by

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Tackling drugs: The Iranian way…

Iran’s official news agencies are once again proudly flaunting (in English) their ‘successful’ anti-drugs activities. Fars News Agency, for example, led with this headline last week: Iranian Police Intercept Huge Heroin Cargo En Route to Europe. Some European news agencies

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