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Iran and the Chemical strike in Syria

In October 2012, the Obama administration set a red line on the use of chemical warfare in Syria, stating that crossing that red line would trigger American military retaliation. As reported in realclearpolitics the inaction of the US at the

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UANI Campaign Aims To Return US Captives in Iran to Agenda

The campaign against the nuclear deal with Iran in the US is picking up speed, appealing to American hearts in an effort to diminish public support for an agreement many deem unsatisfactory. One of the voices in the campaign, United

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Oil Heats Up Iran’s Market – Despite Sanctions

With several months having passed since an interim deal between Iran and world powers was inked in Geneva, there are still enough sanctions in place to deter Western firms from significantly increasing their business dealings with the Islamic republic. But

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Renault Squeezed between Cars & WMD

With the US Treasury now sanctioning Iran’s car industry, readers may be wondering what vehicles have to do with WMD. Since media reports about the new sanctions were short on context, a brief IranMediaFocus primer is in order. The organization

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Canada Blocks Iran-protected Terrorism

The traditional and social media are all abuzz with Canada’s announcement it thwarted an Al-Qaeda sponsored attack with ties to Iran. The noise level is particularly high among Tehran’s usual apologists. The head scratching seems to be about this Sunni-Shiite marriage

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