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Iran’s internal challenges – Quoting Rouhani

One good thing came out of the presidential election process in Iran – candid words about the internal situation in Iran. Usually, Iran boasts successes, and blames all faults on the US, Israel and the west. During the election process,

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Fishpond elections – impressions from Iran’s Presidential debate

The first in a series of debates between the running candidates for the presidency of Iran took place, and impressions of this debate are relevant. The six candidates (president Rouhani, former vice president Hashemitaba, Tehran mayor Ghalibaf, vice president Jahangiri,

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Time for accountability of organizers of discriminatory sport events in Iran

Only a month ago (March 15) we ran a piece about sports discrimination in Iran, due to the expelling of the teen siblings from chess tournaments. Here we stand only a month later, with two more incidents of sports gender

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Sports Illustrated Iran Style

Recently, a few occurrences demonstrated to the public that Iran’s idea of freedom and of international sports is very different to the accepted norm. Starting with the Darya Safai’s tweet, which stated in short form the gloomy reality: “Dorsa Derakhshani ,

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Iran demands Respect

So, how does a country celebrate an anniversary of something important? The USA celebrates its anniversary day with fireworks and BBQ. The French light up the Eifel Tower. Iran has found other ways to celebrate. Iran celebrates its 38th Islamic

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New President in Town – The Rules Are Changing Towards Iran’s Accountability!

The eruption of tensions between the US and Iran over the recent period, is perhaps an indication that the rules of the game are changing, towards accountability, at last. Already in our piece titled American elections and Iran from November

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“Relative Moderation” and “Relative Morality”

The one coined as the “dark prince”, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, died. His death was mourned by many western outlets, terming him a “moderate” and a “reformer”. It seems that when it comes to Iran, everything is relative. Even universal

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