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New President in Town – The Rules Are Changing Towards Iran’s Accountability!

The eruption of tensions between the US and Iran over the recent period, is perhaps an indication that the rules of the game are changing, towards accountability, at last. Already in our piece titled American elections and Iran from November

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“Risky Bets” vs “Face the Threats” – The dispute over future American Policy towards Iran

The recent period has seen a flood of media op-eds and opinion articles regarding the recommended future American policy on the Iranian nuclear deal and Iranian threat. The washingtonpost op-ed fights, unsurprisingly, for preserving the Iran nuclear deal as is.

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Re Iran – Opportunity for chess (FIDE) to be more “muscular” than Volley-ball (FIVB)!

Other than the fact that both are regarded as a type of sport, there would seem to be no common denominator between chess and volley-ball. Volley-ball entails physical effort, on a large court, usually out-doors and requires a ball. Chess

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‘Grinning’ Rouhani Tours Europe While Stern Khamenei Expresses Anti-Western sentiments

Turning over a new leaf in relations with Iran? Only if some major issues are glossed over – such as the Iranian regime’s Holocaust denial, which has persistently manifested itself even during Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s European “shopping spree” this

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Iran: Excluding Women From Women’s Soccer Teams?

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were telling you about Niloufar Ardalan, the captain of the Iranian women’s indoor soccer (futsal) team, who was prevented from participating in an international championship because her husband wouldn’t allow her

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UK Embassy Reopening in Iran a Case Of Selective Memory

The United Kingdom reopened its embassy in Iran last month in the wake of the nuclear deal struck between Tehran and the P5+1. Amid great fanfare heralding a thaw in diplomatic ties between Iran and Western powers, British Foreign Secretary

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Iran’s Great Game in Yemen Downplayed by Press

Despite Saudi Arabia’s announcement that its air campaign in Yemen was subsiding, several incidents this week – most with Iranian involvement – indicated that the crisis in the war-torn country was far from over. Saudi Arabia followed up its announcement

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