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Iran’s internal challenges – Quoting Rouhani

One good thing came out of the presidential election process in Iran – candid words about the internal situation in Iran. Usually, Iran boasts successes, and blames all faults on the US, Israel and the west. During the election process,

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Obama’s Iranian legacy under siege

As uncertainty grows around the future policy towards Iran, under the new Trump administration, one thing seems to be certain – Obama’s Iranian legacy is in shambles. The true blow to Obama’s legacy on Iran does not derive from defaming

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Iran and the Chemical strike in Syria

In October 2012, the Obama administration set a red line on the use of chemical warfare in Syria, stating that crossing that red line would trigger American military retaliation. As reported in realclearpolitics the inaction of the US at the

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New President in Town – The Rules Are Changing Towards Iran’s Accountability!

The eruption of tensions between the US and Iran over the recent period, is perhaps an indication that the rules of the game are changing, towards accountability, at last. Already in our piece titled American elections and Iran from November

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From al-Qaeda to Taliban to Hamas to Houthi – For Iran the Radical Cause Always Justifies the Means

The recent period has been most revealing regarding Iran’s global connections with radical extremist groups. Let’s start with al Qaeda. Already in 2013 the washingtonpost quoted US officials describing the complete collection of bin Laden material as “the largest cache

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The Iranian People Have a Voice

Over the recent period, we have witnessed two public events in Iran, during which the people of Iran have raised their head and their voices in protest. It takes courage to do so under a regime, where if you raise

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“Risky Bets” vs “Face the Threats” – The dispute over future American Policy towards Iran

The recent period has seen a flood of media op-eds and opinion articles regarding the recommended future American policy on the Iranian nuclear deal and Iranian threat. The washingtonpost op-ed fights, unsurprisingly, for preserving the Iran nuclear deal as is.

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