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Is Iran Changing, Or Has It Merely Been ‘Rebranded’?

Iran is changing in many ways. As documented recently on Humans of New York (Tehran edition), the lifestyle and aspirations of many 21st-century Iranians – Iranian millennials, if you will – is not so different from those of their peers

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FIVB also to blame for lack of Freedom in Iranian ‘Freedom Stadium’

Guess what you won’t find in Tehran’s Freedom Stadium? That’s right: freedom. If you’ve been following our blog, that shouldn’t be news to you – we pointed out the irony in naming a stadium Freedom, then denying women the freedom

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25 Years After Khomeini, Iran Still Views US As Enemy

Iran marked the 25th anniversary of the death of Ayatollah Ali Khomeini last week. His successor, Ali Khamenei, a vocal opponent of President Hassan Rouhani’s policy of moderation and engagement with the West, honored the revolutionary’s legacy with a diatribe

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Practice What You Preach?

There’s been some good news from Iran (for a change): Iranian President Hassan Rouhani pardoned or reduced the sentences of 920 prisoners last month in honor of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. IRNA broke the news of the grand

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The Tehran-Washington Thaw And The Hostage Crisis

We didn’t have to look hard to find the most talked-about Iran-related story of the week. It was everywhere, from NPR to Fox News, from the International Business Times to Bloomberg, from Al Monitor to Legal Insurrection, and was still

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