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Iran’s Selective Condemnations of Terror Ring False

Iran has been conspicuously (and hypocritically) vocal in condemning the wave of terror attacks which has hit Western Europe in recent weeks. After last month’s “lone wolf” attack in Munich, as after last year’s deadly attacks in France, Iranian officials

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Yemen: Saudi Arabia’s Backyard, Iran’s Playground?

Yemen seems to be going the way of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq – plagued by political instability and no shortage of sectarian insurgency. And, like in those other three countries, Iran is never too far away to influence the course

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INTERPOL to Absolve Iran of AMIA Bombing?

The media has long forgotten the AMIA issue, but we don’t intend to let go anytime soon. Certainly not until Tehran owns up to its responsibility in the killing of 85 civilians. So what’s new? Well, Argentina long ago moved to begging

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Iranian terrorism: from Syria to Yemen to Bulgaria to New York…

The fact that Iran’s destabilizing tentacles reach far and wide is not new (especially for our regular readers).  The fact that Hezbollah is supporting Assad in Syria is likewise no longer newsworthy.  Even those with a rudimentary interest in the

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Analyzing Argentina

Argentina’s decision to snuggle up with the Islamic Republic of Iran lacked necessary context in last week’s coverage.  Part of the blame falls on Israel for its outspoken response, which made it into pretty much every media outlet. In my

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Argentina: It’s all about Iran, Iran, Iran

This week’s media watch raged about Argentina’s decision to sign an agreement with Iran effectively exonerating Tehran for the 1994 killing of 85 people in Buenos Aires.  Since the coverage went blurry early on, we’d like to bring it into

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Short memories in Argentina

Despite the terror, the Argentinean government seems to be getting closer and closer to the regime in Tehran every day.  For some; this is too much.  Marcos Aguinas, the famous Argentinian author has come out strongly against these irresponsible ‘Chavez-esque’

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