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Expecting a Snail to Go The Extra Mile

Mostly, western outlets take a more critical tone on the Iranian government, while for the most part, criticism is notably absent from the Iranian reports. In some cases though, to our surprise, the opposite is true. A notable case in

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What’s A Skyscraper Between Friends?

Less than a month after the fuss in Tehran over Canada’s terror-related seizure of Iranian funds and properties began to die down, another Western power – this time the United States – made an even bigger forfeiture, that of a Manhattan skyscraper.

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The Evin Brutality And Faded Promises Of Change

We recently reported on the riots in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison, in which guards used extreme violence against prisoners in the political ward, including seven journalists. The incident was widely reported in Western media outlets, drawing attention to Iran’s problematic

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Who, Besides Iran, Noticed Canada’s Bold Move?

A decision by a judge in Ontario, Canada to order the seizure of over $7m. worth of Iranian bank accounts and properties to compensate terror victims was scarcely reported this week – even when Iran blasted the ruling as “illegal.”

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Why MH370 Matters In Negotiations With Iran

The mystery of the Malaysian Boeing 777-200 aircraft that went missing less than one hour after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur last weekend has generated widespread speculation all over the media, with the plane’s sudden disappearance from the radar being linked to

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