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From al-Qaeda to Taliban to Hamas to Houthi – For Iran the Radical Cause Always Justifies the Means

The recent period has been most revealing regarding Iran’s global connections with radical extremist groups. Let’s start with al Qaeda. Already in 2013 the washingtonpost quoted US officials describing the complete collection of bin Laden material as “the largest cache

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Time for the Media and West to Hold Rouhani Accountable for Rights Abuses in Iran

Three years into the presidency of the “moderate” Hassan Rouhani, it can be said without hesitation that the human rights record in Iran is continuing to deteriorate. Just look at the sheer number of reports on rights violations which have

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Iran’s New Taliban Ties Belie ‘Commitment’ To Stability

It’s common knowledge that Iran has ties to Shi’ite militias fighting ISIS in Iraq, while recently additional reports by EIFA iraq-malikis-gangs-unseat-sunnis  may suggest that Iran may even be strengthening ISIS in order to contribute to the mayhem in Iraq. It

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