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Iran and the Chemical strike in Syria

In October 2012, the Obama administration set a red line on the use of chemical warfare in Syria, stating that crossing that red line would trigger American military retaliation. As reported in realclearpolitics the inaction of the US at the

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Creation of a wide un-united front against Iran?

Only recently we devoted a column to the Swedish bowing and curtsying to Iran, which we called betrayal of western values – bowing to Iranian gender discrimination. Turned out that despite all the Swedish kowtowing, they still got the cold

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“Risky Bets” vs “Face the Threats” – The dispute over future American Policy towards Iran

The recent period has seen a flood of media op-eds and opinion articles regarding the recommended future American policy on the Iranian nuclear deal and Iranian threat. The washingtonpost op-ed fights, unsurprisingly, for preserving the Iran nuclear deal as is.

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As Iran Plays Neo-Imperialist Games, Kurds Become Pawns

Iran’s role in the civil war in Syria is playing out in multiple “theaters” simultaneously. The embroilment of Iranian ground troops (rather than just “advisors,” as Tehran has claimed) in the fighting near Aleppo has been well-publicized in the English-language

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More Iranian Doublespeak – Syria, Sovereignty and Terrorism

In the past few months, Iran has proved to be particularly proficient at a certain kind of doublespeak: threatening and lashing out over any perceived or potential threat to its sovereignty (particularly from the US), while compromising (not to mention

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Now Iran’s Children serve as Cannon Fodder

Checking in on Iran and its meddling in the Middle East, it’s apparent that no change for the better has come over the Islamic State. Yousef Al-Otaiba, the United Arab Emirates ambassador to the United States, recently said as much

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Tehran’s Doubletalk On Syria

There’s a ceasefire (sort of) in Syria – a fragile breather amid years of bloodshed and carnage. Iran, which according to The Guardian is poised to be one of the “winners” of the conflict, was quick to issue a statement

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