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The Carnage in Aleppo – Deliberate Concealment of Iran’s Major Role in the Massacre?

The collapse of the rebel forces in Aleppo came at a very heavy price. Anyone exposed to the visuals of Aleppo “before and after” (see also gulfnews) witnessed the wide spread devastation and atrocity. Foxnews, in an article titled “Iran

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A sanctioned criminal preaching in Vienna

Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar is a wanted man.  Wanted for brutally oppressing democracy protestors.  Wanted for systematically abusing the basic human rights of his fellow Iranians. The Iran Daily Brief Blog explains: So what was he doing traveling around Europe as a

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Tackling drugs: The Iranian way…

Iran’s official news agencies are once again proudly flaunting (in English) their ‘successful’ anti-drugs activities. Fars News Agency, for example, led with this headline last week: Iranian Police Intercept Huge Heroin Cargo En Route to Europe. Some European news agencies

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Reza Marashi – the new Trita Parsi

Reza Marashi of the National Iranian American Council is the new unofficial face of the Iranian regime.  He has appeared on CNN, NPR, Sky News to name but a few.  In one of his recently published pieces, cutely titled “Tehran

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Diplomacy: It still takes two to tango

Congratulations to President Obama.  Not only was he victorious on Tuesday night; he woke up on Wednesday morning with a host of new advisors springing up in each and every major publication in the US. Exhibit A: Trita Parsi… Despite being

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