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Time To Demand A ‘Human Rights Deal’ With Iran

Now that the nuclear deal with the P5+1 is a reality, Iran is already ushering in a new era of cooperation with the West – at least in some areas. Aviation, tourism, business, regular and increased flights to and from

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Hassan Rouhani: Rock Star & Rights Abuser

Media fanfare over the Geneva nuclear deal continues into its second week. The latest: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaking optimistically to The Financial Times about his country’s economy, while also releasing what The Telegraph called “an MTV-style video” to mark

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Smart Sanctions

Sanctions – according to many – “are working”, but what does that really mean and how can they be implemented in the smartest of manners?  In recent weeks, we have seen a few very interesting pieces which perhaps did not

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Iran Human Rights Update (what is left of them): November

In the last few days, “a U.N. General Assembly committee condemned Syria, Iran and North Korea for human rights violations in votes criticized by all three countries”, DPA reports. The article, appearing in The Hindu, went on to elaborate on

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