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Salehi’s never ending propaganda flow

We have written about the sanctioned foreign minister of Iran, Ali Akber Salehi, and his adventures in Europe.  Despite his sophisticated propaganda campaign, some elements in the international media continue to take him seriously. Just last week, Bloomberg, normally a

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The Dark Side of Salehi

While all eyes were focused on Almaty, Iran’s slick Foreign Minister Salehi let his guard down – in German, in Vienna. The English-language media totally missed it, which is what we’re here for (and not for the first time). Salehi

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Mixed news from Germany

Believing that the ups-and-downs in Germany’s attitude towards Iran warrant sustained monitoring, we continue to spill ink on the subject – here, again. Berlin is just too important to the crisis with Tehran for the usual hit-and-run coverage. So let’s

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