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Iran’s contribution to Trump’s victory

While the democratic American Presidential election campaign was going on, the media noted that Iran was busy defaming the candidates and the entire American process and culture. Iran’s negative attitude reached such levels of disrespect that even the state department

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Doubt Pervades the Narrative of Iran’s ‘Goodwill Gesture’

A year and some months ago, following the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iran released four American prisoners – including Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian – who had all been held captive by the Islamic republic

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Human Rights apparently secondary to Rapprochement with Iran- see Robert Levinson

In his speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner 2016 President Obama celebrated Jason Rezaian’s release from Iranian captivity stating “Last year we spoke of Jason’s courage as he endured the isolation of an Iranian prison..and I can make this

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Iran Returns to Old Ways, Jailing another American

When Iran released Jason Rezaian and other American hostages in a prisoner swap deal spearheaded by Washington, their return was celebrated as a “triumph” by the English-language press. And it was a triumph of sorts, at least for the families

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UANI Campaign Aims To Return US Captives in Iran to Agenda

The campaign against the nuclear deal with Iran in the US is picking up speed, appealing to American hearts in an effort to diminish public support for an agreement many deem unsatisfactory. One of the voices in the campaign, United

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