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Despite Global Outcry, Can Jailed Iranian Cartoonist Expect Mercy?

What can you get arrested for in Iran? The list grows longer by the day: for belonging to a religious or ethnic minority; for being a female spectator in a “masculine” sports stadium; for killing a man trying to rape

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Amid Glaring Gender & Minority Inequality, Iranian Society Rises Up

Last week, we brought you the tragic story of young, beautiful Parivash Akbarzadeh, who recently died in a car accident while driving the fast, flashy Porsche of Mohammad Hossein Rabbani-Shirazi, the upperclass scion of a prominent clerical family. The story

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Iranian ‘Resistance’ To West Also Takes Form Of Executing Women

Iran hanged Reyhaneh Jabbari this week, destroying all previous hope that she might be spared. The 26-year-old, who was convicted for killing a man she said had tried to rape her, was executed at the gallows of Tehran’s notorious Evin

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