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Oil Business In Iran Is Still Risky

When the press talks about Iran, the magic word is often “oil” – that market rife with financial possibilities whose opening was expectantly awaited by Western firms and the Iranian government alike, as the nuclear negotiations stretched on. Oil is

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Why Iran Was Not Invited to the Anti ISIS Club

The American-led coalition against the Islamic State is gaining traction, with US Secretary of State John Kerry appealing to key Arab states for support. But one player that has so far been excluded from Washington’s efforts to fight the terrorist

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What’s A Skyscraper Between Friends?

Less than a month after the fuss in Tehran over Canada’s terror-related seizure of Iranian funds and properties began to die down, another Western power – this time the United States – made an even bigger forfeiture, that of a Manhattan skyscraper.

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Hekmati – False Allegations – Or The Great Escape?

An examination of the media furor over Iran’s legal crusade against former US marine Amir Hekmati, who was convicted of spying for the CIA after visiting the country to see his grandmother for the first time, reveals that it can

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Not good enough to be buried in Iran

The last request of renowned American orientalist Stephen Frye stirred controversy this week after Iranian hardliners got wind of the fact that the esteemed scholar had asked to be buried in the historic city of Isfahan, alongside other world-famous Iran

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Practice What You Preach?

There’s been some good news from Iran (for a change): Iranian President Hassan Rouhani pardoned or reduced the sentences of 920 prisoners last month in honor of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. IRNA broke the news of the grand

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The Tehran-Washington Thaw And The Hostage Crisis

We didn’t have to look hard to find the most talked-about Iran-related story of the week. It was everywhere, from NPR to Fox News, from the International Business Times to Bloomberg, from Al Monitor to Legal Insurrection, and was still

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