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What Real Experts Think About Iran Deal

We’ve heard enough about what pundits think about the Geneva nuclear deal with Iran. Time to make way for those with real – and relevant – experience in global peace and security. Take former IAEA deputy director Olli Heinonen, for

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Iran’s Point of No Return

On the heels of this week’s IAEA talks in Vienna, the P5+1 are gearing up for follow-up meetings with Iran to discuss its nuclear program in Geneva next week. The Associated Press quoted both Iran and the UN as describing

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Khamenei’s Supreme Slap in the Face

It appears that the Iranian regime still does not quite understand the concept of negotiations.  You cannot demand everything you want as a precondition for starting negotiations Mr. Khamenei; then there would be nothing to talk about! Their dogmatism clearly

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Yousaf Butt: Scientist, Propagandist – or Both?

 Where does Yousaf Butt stand on the Iranian nuclear crisis? This is no trivial question; in fact, the answer should be key for those – including a few thoughtful journalists like Julian Borger  who relied on the article Butt co-wrote

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Missing the point; turning a blind eye to clandestine activity

If someone was holding a gun to my head, I would find it very difficult to prove – empirically – that there was a loaded magazine inside… until it was too late of course.  Let’s say that I could see

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