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As Iran Celebrates Nowruz, Official Speeches Compete With Dissent

Iran this week celebrated the Nowruz holiday, an occasion marking the beginning of spring and the Persian new year. But the holiday seems to have has two faces to it. It is an opportunity and an occasion for official speeches

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Official Celebrations of Nowruz Just One Side of the Story

Iran celebrates Nowruz, the festival marking the start of spring and the beginning of the Persian New Year, this week. Nowruz is one pre-Islamic Iranian tradition that survived the 1979 revolution; the “superstitious” festival preceding it, Chaharshambe Suri (“Wednesday Fire”)

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As Nowruz Dawns, Obama Greetings and Khamenei Critiques

Iran (and other countries) this week celebrated the festival of Nowruz, which marks the start of the Persian new year. The occasion warranted speeches from Iran’s leaders, as well as the annual greeting from US President Barack Obama. Iranian Supreme

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Obama in the Middle East

Coverage about Iran in the past few days focused, naturally, on the president’s trip to the Middle East. There seemed to be a media consensus that the visit was all about red lines, but not about which ones. The build-up

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