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Full speed ahead for Iran

Reuters  and AFP led the way this week with the timely and responsible report that: “Iran said on Wednesday it had started installing a new generation of machines for enriching uranium, an announcement likely to annoy the West and complicate efforts

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Canada and Reuters are on the ball

Last week the chief of the UN’s nuclear watchdog “warned that if there is no solution to the vexed Iranian nuclear issue, the situation is going to escalate.” IAEA chief, Yukiya Amano explained to the Times of India that: “We have been

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Closed to the IAEA; Open to North Korea

Iran’s battle with the IAEA continues (see my previous blog).  They have been granted yet another month to advance their program while the international community watches on. January 16th will be the next meeting of the UN nuclear watchdog and

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Iran Human Rights Update (what is left of them): November

In the last few days, “a U.N. General Assembly committee condemned Syria, Iran and North Korea for human rights violations in votes criticized by all three countries”, DPA reports. The article, appearing in The Hindu, went on to elaborate on

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While You’re Watching Gaza

Iran’s centrifuges – as the cliché goes – are still spinning, even as most global affairs junkies are riveted by the explosions in southern Israel. So says the IAEA in its quarterly report released Friday as most of the media looked

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