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Presidential Elections in Iran – Time to Focus on Reality

As Iranians prepare for the presidential elections in May, one can be sure that propaganda will be increased to persuade them to focus on the big western enemies, out there “to get them”, and not on the gloomy reality of

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‘Grinning’ Rouhani Tours Europe While Stern Khamenei Expresses Anti-Western sentiments

Turning over a new leaf in relations with Iran? Only if some major issues are glossed over – such as the Iranian regime’s Holocaust denial, which has persistently manifested itself even during Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s European “shopping spree” this

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Is the Nuke Deadlock ‘According To Plan’ For Iran?

You already know (and not just because we’ve told you) that the talks between the P5+1 and Iran over a final-status nuclear agreement have been extended yet again. But why did the negotiations break down despite statements by US Secretary

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