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Who Will Succeed Khamenei – And Does It Matter?

In the past month, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who was hospitalized in September for prostate surgery, has risen from his sickbed to hike in the mountains north of Tehran — and reprimand “wicked” Britain for creating ISIS. But

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Media Praise for France on Iran Talks

Last week, France found itself being cast as the villain responsible for allegedly sabotaging nuclear talk with Iran. At the time it seemed as if Paris didn’t have even one media defender in this context. Since then, the opinion sheet

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Between Pyongyang and Tehran

Even a blog so obsessive about Iran as this one cannot in its right mind ignore what’s happening these days – media-wise and otherwise – in the Korean Peninsula. But since we are so incredibly obsessed, we’ll of course focus

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Obama in the Middle East

Coverage about Iran in the past few days focused, naturally, on the president’s trip to the Middle East. There seemed to be a media consensus that the visit was all about red lines, but not about which ones. The build-up

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Barbara Slavin and her new stance…

A few months ago came across some surprising criticism of Barbara Slavin, a journalist I’ve always considered to be a professional and responsible reporter from her time at the Washington Times and the Economist.  But since she started writing for

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