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Keeping Tabs on Iran’s Plutonium

As nuclear talks come and go (and come again) and media outlets grasp at straws as far as particulars are concerned, arms control experts stand out these days as a focused and informed voice in blogs and the social media.

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Mark Fitzpatrick in Israel

With the Iran crisis silly season expected to be shorter than usual this (northern hemisphere) summer due to government reshuffling in Tehran, respected IISS expert Mark Fitzpatrick took off for Israel to see what’s behind Prime Minister Netanyahu’s latest statements

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Full speed ahead for Iran

Reuters  and AFP led the way this week with the timely and responsible report that: “Iran said on Wednesday it had started installing a new generation of machines for enriching uranium, an announcement likely to annoy the West and complicate efforts

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A bad week for the Iranian regime; a mixed week for the New York Times

In what was an embarrassing week for the New York Times and its reporting on Iran, the Iranian leadership once again showed its true colors.  In his NYT article, David Sanger presents an Iran willing to compromise on its program;

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