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Iran’s Style Change Overkill

Well, well: Rouhani wished the Jewish people a happy new year, and Javad Zarif distanced himself from Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial. The media’s lovin’ it, while maintaining perspective. Not everyone, unfortunately. For instance, take this analysis in Foreign Affairs depicting Khamenei as

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Iranian Nuclear Memories

Hassan Rouhani’s election has opened the floodgates of nostalgics eager to remind the world that they know/knew him. Unfortunately, some of them are suffering from amnesia. First, a reminder from Barbra Streisand: Memories, may be beautiful and yet What’s too

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Yes to reset on Iran (but what kind?)

As the dust settles on the Almaty 2 talks, the media is beginning to take a step back and wonder whether the current format of engagement with Iran is worth continuing. A worthy subject to ponder. For some reason, too

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