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Iran’s ‘Domestic Internet’ Met With Criticism, Satire

As August came to a close, Iran officially unveiled a new internet service – a domestic one which offers users “high quality, high speed” connections at low prices. The purpose of this “national” data network, Iran’s first? Purportedly the “domestication

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Iranian ‘Resistance’ To West Also Takes Form Of Executing Women

Iran hanged Reyhaneh Jabbari this week, destroying all previous hope that she might be spared. The 26-year-old, who was convicted for killing a man she said had tried to rape her, was executed at the gallows of Tehran’s notorious Evin

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What P5+1 Bullies Have to Work With

A third round of nuclear talks between Iran and world powers ended Wednesday, halfway through the time allotted to the parties to ink a final-status deal. At the conclusion of the talks, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and EU

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Practice What You Preach?

There’s been some good news from Iran (for a change): Iranian President Hassan Rouhani pardoned or reduced the sentences of 920 prisoners last month in honor of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. IRNA broke the news of the grand

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Reformists vs. Hardliners in Iran, Media Joins The Fray

Washington isn’t the only capital divided over the nuclear issue: Tehran, too, has become the site of a growing struggle between those who support Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s increased engagement with the West and hardliners opposed to it. The first

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A sanctioned criminal preaching in Vienna

Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar is a wanted man.  Wanted for brutally oppressing democracy protestors.  Wanted for systematically abusing the basic human rights of his fellow Iranians. The Iran Daily Brief Blog explains: So what was he doing traveling around Europe as a

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