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Iran violates “spirit of the deal”

Recently, the US treasury, justice and state department announced new Iran related sanctions, designating eighteen individuals and entities, linked to “Iran’s malign activity across the Middle East undermining regional security”. As becomes clear from the announcements (see and,

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Whatever Iran takes, it keeps

According to several reports, one of the central topics in the meeting between President Trump and President Putin this month was the concern over Iranian ambitions to establish a long term presence in Southern Syria. Such an occurrence would mean

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Regime change in Iran on the table again

While the US administration is “reviewing” its official policy on Iran, the issue of “regime change” in Iran or the natural demise of the Iranian regime have recently been floated in a few articles and papers. The feasibility not totally

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Iran the super-power

In the third week of June, Iran launched its first missile attack abroad in over 15 years, from western Iran into eastern Syria. The ground to ground missile launch was first portrayed as a retaliation for the twin attack which

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The Gel Binding the Qatar Isolation – Iran

The dramatic decision of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain to cut ties with Qatar was quite a surprise. Some referred to it as the biggest diplomatic crisis in the gulf since the 1991 Iraq war (see apnews). The formal

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Iran’s Blame Game for the Attack

The double attack on Iran’s parliament and Khomeini mausoleum in Iran, killing seventeen and wounding approximately 50, was covered extensively by the media, described as the worst terrorist strike to hit the Islamic Republic in years. With the attack, began the

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Iran- Business or Principles?

The media picked up on a true dilemma facing Trump and the entire western world. The dilemma between money and ideology. In the context of the aircraft deals with Iran, foreignpolicy describes the fact that the Boeing deal with Iran

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