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Amid #47traitors Row, is it Time for Iranian Mediation in Washington?

In this week’s news: 47 Republican senators, led by Sen. Tom Cotton, launched a letter at Iran warning that any nuclear deal signed with the current US administration would never be endorsed by Congress. The GOP’s “bombshell” received ample press

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What’s With Fareed Zakaria on Iran?

We’ve been following journalist and television host Fareed Zakaria for quite a while, and frankly have never been overly enthusiastic with his pro-Iran content. But lately his CNN subpage has been particularly abuzz, in our view bending over backwards to

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Rushing Nuclear Deal at UNGA, Forgetting something…

It’s that time again:  the UN General Assembly is set to open on September 24, but already the media (and Rouhani’s tweeter account) are ablaze with updates. The session and its margins are expected to be filled with eagerly awaited

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