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600th Execution Under Rouhani, And The Winner Is…

Remember Reyaheneh Jabberi, the 26-year-old Iranian woman who was sentenced to death for killing a man she said was sexually assaulted by? Well, we’ve got some good news and some bad news about her. On Monday, she was transferred to

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Happiness as a Crime In Iran

There probably wasn’t a single news outlet that didn’t pick up on the latest incidence of glaring irony (and injustice) out of Iran. It was a group of young Iranians who filmed a tribute video to a hit song by

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special International Women’s Day feature- Saluting “Women Behind Bars”

International Women’s Day was marked with great fanfare on Saturday, March 8. Optimistic and inspirational speeches along with quotes were coupled with worrying reports statistics to showcase the need to end gender discrimination where it still exists. Human Rights Watch

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The nature of judicial process in Iran: If in doubt… Hang ‘em.

It has come to my attention that in the vast majority of instances in which Iran’s death-row mechanism is reported in the media, the reporter’s critical eye seems to be looking the other way. There appears to be a blind

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The West’s Stalwart Ally in the War on Drugs: Iran (Really? Really? Well actually no, not THAT Iran)

Thomas Erdbrink’s article ‘The West’s Stalwart ally in the war on drugs: Iran (Yes, that Iran)’ presents a dangerously monolithic picture of what is a multicolored and multi-faceted issue. In his article, the Iranian general and his troops are fighting

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