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From Clinton to Iran – is the media falling hostage once again to its pre-conceived postulations?

Following the presidential elections in the USA, the media was attacked from left and right, on its pre-conceived agendas which influenced its coverage. From the left, in an article termed shame US American media  the following topics are raised: the

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American Elections and Iran

Speculation is rising, in the media and among think tanks, regarding the possible impact of the American presidential election, on future American policy towards Iran. In the overview of the candidate positions, ballotpedia summarizes “Hillary Clinton supports the Iran nuclear deal,

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Two Missile Tests in a Row: ‘Conclusive’ Enough Yet?

It’s been just two months since the implementation of the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1, but we’re not surprised to see reports that Iran is not only testing the limits of its agreements with the West (which include

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Analyzing Argentina

Argentina’s decision to snuggle up with the Islamic Republic of Iran lacked necessary context in last week’s coverage.  Part of the blame falls on Israel for its outspoken response, which made it into pretty much every media outlet. In my

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