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France– Obstacle to Iran Nuclear Peace?

In our last post we opined that media outlets seems more interested in blaming those it perceives as blocking a nuclear deal with Iran than the devil in the details of an agreement. Over the weekend a new scapegoat was

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Iran Nuclear Talks in Geneva

The headlines summed up the media consensus on the Geneva meetings pretty well: detailed talks with a chance for progress, – but at the end of the day no breakthrough. On the way to this reasonably balanced approach, however, the

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Khamenei’s Supreme Slap in the Face

It appears that the Iranian regime still does not quite understand the concept of negotiations.  You cannot demand everything you want as a precondition for starting negotiations Mr. Khamenei; then there would be nothing to talk about! Their dogmatism clearly

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Basic Freedoms in Iran

“Knowing the facts and the real stands of each party to this dispute, how could a freedom-lover keep silence and be impartial on the “negotiations” among these two opposing camps? In these negotiations one side is the oppressor and the

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Iran spreading the love (actually the terror… but we can always hope)

The tentacles are spreading far and wide. An authoritative report has just reconfirmed this. The media got the juicy stuff, but not the gist (why, we’re not sure). Iran’s major front – the global subversive/psychological/ideological campaign – is led by

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Greenwald’s Idea of Accountability

The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald seems to think he’s above the (media) law.  We don’t. Like others who tout the Iranian line in the nuclear crisis, Greenwald’s been in a tizzy ever since AP’s original diagram story (see our post).  Energetically

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