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Betrayal of Western Values – Bowing to Iranian Gender Discrimination

The Swedish delegation’s visit to Iran, obediently adorning headscarves, was reported by different media outlets and received attention from various Human rights organizations.  Rightly so. Although, the full scope of the significance of this affair has not been emphasized enough.

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Iranian Women Allowed In Stadiums – But Not for Masculine Sports

Last month, in the wake of the international uproar over the arrest of British-Iranian “volleyball prisoner” Ghoncheh Ghavami, Iran announced that it would finally overturn its ban on women in sports stadiums – and dismiss the case against Ghavami, who

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Despite Warnings, Nuke Talks Overshadow Iran’s Human Rights Record

Most recent Western reports on Iran have centered on the nuclear talks, the framework agreement, and the financial implications thereof. Iran’s human rights abuses have been pushed aside.  Apparently, quite a bit, particularly when the government suppressing human rights is

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