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As FATA Blacklists Iran for money laundering and Terror Financing, Some Outlets Try To Overlook It

What’s stopping Western firms from carrying out deals with Iran wholeheartedly? In previous posts, we have suggested that rather than the existing sanctions (which, of course, were imposed for a reason), it is the Iranian regime itself which is the

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What’s with the NYT on Iran?

We are not NYT bashers. Really we’re not. But only an ostrich can ignore what’s going down there lately when it comes to the Iranian issue. Our previous post noted that last week the NYT editorial pages hosted two pieces

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Renault Squeezed between Cars & WMD

With the US Treasury now sanctioning Iran’s car industry, readers may be wondering what vehicles have to do with WMD. Since media reports about the new sanctions were short on context, a brief IranMediaFocus primer is in order. The organization

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Emanuele Ottolenghi, Surprising Sanctions Detractor

An especially depressing piece by the FDD’s Emanuele Ottolenghi, in the past a staunch supporter of international sanctions efforts against Iran who issues regular updates on their implementation, has brought us back to the issue today (sooner than we intended).

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