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“For Whom the Lobbyists Lobbied” – The lobbyists also have a responsibility when they lobby for Iran

Many try to persuade the new American administration to continue “business as usual” with Iran. Only recently we have witnessed several lobby groups reaching out to the incoming Trump administration, trying to persuade them to ease their approach toward the

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“Take Your Chances” with Resumed Direct UK Iran Flights – At Your Own Risk

Once again, articles, guides, and photo essays related to the “rebound” of travel and tourism in Iran can be seen popping up alongside headlines about the Islamic republic’s human rights record, terror sponsorship, persisting tensions with the West, destructive involvement

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Media Playing by Iran’s Rules on Dual Citizens?

Even with the supposedly “moderate” Rouhani in power and the nuclear deal well underway, more and more cells in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison are occupied by Iranian dual citizens. One of the more highly-publicized cases was the “outrageous” incarceration of

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Iran Returns to Old Ways, Jailing another American

When Iran released Jason Rezaian and other American hostages in a prisoner swap deal spearheaded by Washington, their return was celebrated as a “triumph” by the English-language press. And it was a triumph of sorts, at least for the families

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Holiday Season – a good time to Bring Iran’s Minorities to Light

Christmas and the New Year is a good time to take stock of the Media coverage regarding Iran’s treatment of minorities. This coverage can be divided into several types. First, there’s the prejudiced coverage, that tries to portray Iran’s treatment

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Selling a “Cool” but misleading Iran to Millennial Tourists

From a few recent articles promoting and marketing Iran as a viable, safe and even “chilled” travel destination for millennials on the prowl for excitement, one can get the impression that Iran is “misunderstood”. They voice displeasure at the fact

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As Rezaian Marks 500 Days in Jail, New York Times Targeted For Hypocrisy On Iran

Iran’s judiciary announced that Washington Post reporter, Jason Rezaian, a dual Iranian-American citizen held on trumped-up espionage charges, would be sentenced to prison for an undisclosed amount of time. Now, Rezaian is already marking over 500 days (!) in Iranian

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