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Iranian Nuclear Memories

Hassan Rouhani’s election has opened the floodgates of nostalgics eager to remind the world that they know/knew him. Unfortunately, some of them are suffering from amnesia. First, a reminder from Barbra Streisand: Memories, may be beautiful and yet What’s too

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Arab/Muslim Attitudes toward Iran

Been buried lately by the fallout from the Almaty talks, but that doesn’t exempt us from reflecting on this interesting examination recently published by James Zogby . It’s easy to figure out from even a cursory perusal of Iran’s media organs

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Iran and the Nuclear Arms Race: Denying inevitability…

Christopher Hobbs and Michael Moran from the Centre for Science and Security Studies at Kings College London, and their new paper have caused a media storm. As guest bloggers in Julian Borger’s Global [In]Security Blog, featured in The Guardian, Hobbs

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Proponents of containment are burying their heads in dangerous ideological sand

Seems like when the going gets tough even the tough get going when facing Tehran. President Obama has said (on numerous occasions now) that when it comes to Iran, “containment is not an option”. Recently there appears to be a growing

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The dangerous infiltration of Ahmadinejad loyalists: Kaveh Afrasiabi

Kaveh Afrasiabi is a favorite of Iran’s official news channels.  More worryingly, however, the New York Times and CNN have chosen to give their prestigious, legitimizing platforms to his pro-Ahmadinejad, pro-Iranian regime views.  He has served as an Iranian negotiator

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“A progressive blog” – HuffPost misses the point; again. There were plenty of headlines from the farce taking place in Iran under the banner of the NAM conference. Secretary General of the UN provides the oppressive regime of Iran with much-needed legitimacy: Headline.  Ban talks about “suppression and

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