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Iran Just Doesn’t See The Irony

As thousands of Russian troops made their way to Crimea this week, the media began to turn its attention to the wider implications of Russian involvement in the Ukraine. CNN’s Aaron David Miller, for example, decided to focus on the

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Einhorn, Seymour & the ex-Officials Iran Club

What is it about former US Administration officials that makes them tough on Iran while inside – and then go soft once they hit the streets? This is precisely the question asked recently in a cynical tweet from Mark Hibbs,

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The “F” Word

The Threat of Force as a legitimate part of the tool box has crawled out from under the mountain of spin that practically smothered coercive diplomacy on Iran. It happened after the containment argument replaced the anti-sanctions argument as the flavor of the month

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From fiscal cliff… to nuclear cliff

Charles Robb, Dennis Ross, and Michael Makovsky’s fascinating article in the WSJ touched a raw nerve with many, including advocates of Iran’s nuclear program and the Iranian regime itself. Ross, Ross and Makovsky open their article by discussing the economic

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Iran and the Nuclear Arms Race: Denying inevitability…

Christopher Hobbs and Michael Moran from the Centre for Science and Security Studies at Kings College London, and their new paper have caused a media storm. As guest bloggers in Julian Borger’s Global [In]Security Blog, featured in The Guardian, Hobbs

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