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Media Taking Notice of Incongruity in Iran’s Words and Actions

At this stage, a few months into the nuclear deal and Iran’s newfound “rapprochement” with the West, it’s more evident than ever that Iran’s image as “moderate,” open to the West, and a stabilizing influence in the Middle East, is

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Is Iran The Press’s Favorite For ‘Winning’ The Nuke Talks?

After a short break for the UN General Assembly and talks on ISIS, with a few high-profile executions in the mix, talks between Iran and the six world powers are set to resume once again within the next two weeks.

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Iran & the Syrian Chemical Weapons Precedent

Quite a bit of social media activity over the weekend following US admittance that Syria’s Bashar Al Assad has already used chemical weapons against his own people. Much of the traffic honed in on a very pertinent question for this blog: What

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Why Not Cancel Sanctions Altogether?

 No, we’re not really calling for cancellation of sanctions – it’s not in our DNA. But we are beginning to wonder if this is what media leaders are driving at, and whether they really have a coercive diplomacy alternative. The

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Are Times Headlines Conveying Message?

Repeated headlines in The New York Times on Iran-related issues inexplicably promote Tehran’s version of events. They frequently seem to decorate Thomas Erdbrink’s reportage – and we’re growing suspicious. We’ve reported about these in the past. For example, there was

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A bad week for the Iranian regime; a mixed week for the New York Times

In what was an embarrassing week for the New York Times and its reporting on Iran, the Iranian leadership once again showed its true colors.  In his NYT article, David Sanger presents an Iran willing to compromise on its program;

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