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Kazakhstan talks… a yawn?

Not too many pundits are biting when it comes to the just-completed P5+1 talks in Almaty. Perhaps the headlines aroused a sense of deja vu – as in “positive”, “constructive”, “useful”. The suspicious Iranian enthusiasm overdose may also have made them wary.

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Would the EU Receive a Nobel Prize for Confronting Iran?

For those of you who missed it, the EU was awarded the Nobel Prize last week.  Many raised an eyebrow or two. The Norwegian prize committee said the EU was being honored for six decades of contributions “to the advancement of

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The real rising costs in Iran’s distorted cost-benefit analysis

“Collective punishment” “The sanctions are hurting innocent Iranians?” “Sanctions will not dissuade Iran from developing their nuclear program.” This has been the narrative of the Huffington Post (indeed this was no surprise – see my blog post and the research

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Missing the point; turning a blind eye to clandestine activity

If someone was holding a gun to my head, I would find it very difficult to prove – empirically – that there was a loaded magazine inside… until it was too late of course.  Let’s say that I could see

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