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Iran and North Korea – Siamese twins

The similarities between Iran and North Korea (NK) are too blaring to overlook. Yet, the media seems to overlook them. Both worked covertly over years on nuclear weapons, both worth diligently on the development of the delivery systems of such

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From Clinton to Iran – is the media falling hostage once again to its pre-conceived postulations?

Following the presidential elections in the USA, the media was attacked from left and right, on its pre-conceived agendas which influenced its coverage. From the left, in an article termed shame US American media  the following topics are raised: the

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Iran’s aims diametrically opposed to those of the US and the West – Take Khamenei’s Word for It

Earlier this month, Iran marked 27 years since the passing of former Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini – the “architect” of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The large-scale commemorations and mass tributes were stark reminders that Iran’s revolution is not a

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UK Embassy Reopening in Iran a Case Of Selective Memory

The United Kingdom reopened its embassy in Iran last month in the wake of the nuclear deal struck between Tehran and the P5+1. Amid great fanfare heralding a thaw in diplomatic ties between Iran and Western powers, British Foreign Secretary

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The More Americans Know Of the Deal, The Less They Like It

The majority of Americans believe Congress should reject the nuclear deal with Iran, according to a recent CNN/ORC poll. The findings, released last week, revealed that 56 percent of Americans – up from 52 percent several weeks ago – believe

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Press Turns Tongue-In-Cheek As Nuke Deadline Goes By

Yet another extended deadline for a nuclear accord between Iran and the P5+1 has come and gone, as the “intense” talks hit numerous (new and old) snags. After so many missed deadlines, this week’s headlines on the latest extension seemed

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Iran’s Glaring Hypocrisy On Freedom of Speech and Artistic Expression

Coincidence: On the one hand, Iran is a country whose policies on freedom of speech allow (not to mention outright encourage) citizens to demonize a host of diabolical enemies, with the “Great Satan” in the lead. Yet, on the other

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