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Iran Admits Death Penalty’s Failure while the Media Echoes UN’s Call to End it

Iran is notorious for its liberal use of capital punishment, particularly for offenses that are considered minor in countries which have a higher regard for human rights. In recent years – under the “moderate” President Hassan Rouhani – Iran has

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Iran Has a Drug Problem

“Iran has one of the highest drug addiction rates in the world” (huffingtonpost). It’s not ignoring it per se: the state seems to crack down on it with all the harsh means at its disposal, from seizing illegal drugs (many

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The nature of judicial process in Iran: If in doubt… Hang ‘em.

It has come to my attention that in the vast majority of instances in which Iran’s death-row mechanism is reported in the media, the reporter’s critical eye seems to be looking the other way. There appears to be a blind

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