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Obama’s Iranian legacy under siege

As uncertainty grows around the future policy towards Iran, under the new Trump administration, one thing seems to be certain – Obama’s Iranian legacy is in shambles. The true blow to Obama’s legacy on Iran does not derive from defaming

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Rezaian Suit Highlights Iranian, Western & Media Interests Alike

Media outlets reported extensively on Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian’s federal lawsuit filed against the Iranian government, on the accounts of hostage taking, torture and terrorism, for being unjustly imprisoned by Iran for more than eighteen months.  Among the media

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‘Homeland’ Actress Highlights the Great Risk Taken by Dual Citizens Visiting Iran

As revealed to us in the sensational NY Times Magazine exposure on Ben Rhodes, an integral part of Iranian-Western diplomacy is the use of media outlets – including op-eds and leading news sites – to address leaders and influence public

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Iranian Honesty & Moderate/Hardliner Divide Questioned – in light of Holocaust Cartoon Contest

The world is looking on as Iran gears up for its latest Holocaust cartoon contest. As conscious as ever of his public image in the West as a “moderate,” and of the need to end Iran’s international isolation, Iranian Foreign

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New Political Reality and Moderation in #Iran – a ‘Spin’ Gone Out Of Control

When Ben Rhodes gave an interview to The New York Times recently, he probably didn’t expect his statements on the nuclear deal in particular to make waves in the media. In a profile piece published this month, Rhodes – introduced

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