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Who Are You This Time, Seyed Mousavian?

It’s been months since we last wrote about the comeback of Seyed Hossein Mousavian under the presidency of his friend Hassan Rouhani, but that’s not to say he’s stayed out of the spotlight. On the contrary – he’s been quite

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Spinning Iran Nuclear Talks

While the media does its job, participants in the Geneva nuclear meetings are calling for discretion. The sharpest message in this context thus far:  Iranian FM Zarif’s insistence that “anonymous sources have no info” and that members of his country’s

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Javad Zarif, Everyone’s Favorite FM

Congratulations to Al-Monitor’s Barbara Slavin for her expose on Iran’s new justice minister.  As far as we can tell, her article was the first serious media examination of the people President Rouhani has surrounded himself with. In comparison, seems the time

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Trita Parsi, The Court Has Spoken

Hats off to Trita Parsi and his colleague Reza Marashi, who have  blocked us as followers of their Twitter accounts. By doing so, they gave us a huge complement – that this young blog’s in the right direction. It’s their

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Canada Blocks Iran-protected Terrorism

The traditional and social media are all abuzz with Canada’s announcement it thwarted an Al-Qaeda sponsored attack with ties to Iran. The noise level is particularly high among Tehran’s usual apologists. The head scratching seems to be about this Sunni-Shiite marriage

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Sanctions Impact, Again

With a brief lull in nuclear talks, the media discourse has predictably swung back to the question of whether international sanctions are achieving their stated purpose. While we harbor suspicions about the repeated media appearance of this issue, we’re game

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Iran’s proxies – periodical update

With New Year’s approaching, we at Iran Media Focus feel that a brief update is in order regarding Iran’s unofficial spokespeople in the media (see previous posts about Trita Parsi, Reza Marashi, Hossein Mousavian etc) – as well as those whose articles often appear to

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