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Iran Considers Twitter Access – for the good of the regime of course

Iran’s proxy war with Saudi Arabia, which is being played out in various theaters across the Middle East and beyond, has for a long time been spilling over into a somewhat unlikely arena: Twitter, to which the Iranian regime has

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As Iran Celebrates Nowruz, Official Speeches Compete With Dissent

Iran this week celebrated the Nowruz holiday, an occasion marking the beginning of spring and the Persian new year. But the holiday seems to have has two faces to it. It is an opportunity and an occasion for official speeches

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Is Iran Preparing For The Day After Khamenei?

Reports of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s ill health and hospitalization for prostate cancer have abounded in recent months, resulting in some speculation as to possible successors – and whether or not they would be more favorable to Iranian

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Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Watching the foreign policy crisis over Hamid Aboutalebi’s nomination as Iran’s new UN ambassador unfold, one thing was certain: while Capitol Hill was dominated by partisan politics, on the painful memory of the post-revolution hostage crisis, America was relatively undivided.

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Ukraine And The Ghost Of The Green Movement

The power vacuum created by the Ukraine crisis, termed a “revolution” by some media outlets, has raised alarm bells not just in Moscow and Washington, but in Tehran as well. Iranian parliamentarians have watched events in the eastern European country

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Reformists vs. Hardliners in Iran, Media Joins The Fray

Washington isn’t the only capital divided over the nuclear issue: Tehran, too, has become the site of a growing struggle between those who support Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s increased engagement with the West and hardliners opposed to it. The first

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