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Iran warming relations with Hamas – now it is official

Most probably worthy of “picture of the week” was Foreign Minister Zarif hugging Hezbollah deputy secretary general Naim Kassem, twitted by Hassan Dai with the title “Goodfellas”. No surprise that Iran loves the Hezbollah and supports them. After all, the

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Iran rejects UN and western values

The UN currently counts 193 members, who presumably, at least externally, adhere to the purposes and principles of its charter. Iran, though, is a category on its own. After President Rouhani’s cabinet endorsed the UNESCO education 2030 guidelines (2030 agenda

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Iran’s internal challenges – Quoting Rouhani

One good thing came out of the presidential election process in Iran – candid words about the internal situation in Iran. Usually, Iran boasts successes, and blames all faults on the US, Israel and the west. During the election process,

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Fishpond elections – impressions from Iran’s Presidential debate

The first in a series of debates between the running candidates for the presidency of Iran took place, and impressions of this debate are relevant. The six candidates (president Rouhani, former vice president Hashemitaba, Tehran mayor Ghalibaf, vice president Jahangiri,

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New Winds and Sea Change – New Trends on the Threats Posed by Iran

As reported in reuters, in an interview to the German newspaper “Handelsblatt”, CEO of Bilfinger, Thomas Blades, postulated: “Financing is the main hurdle facing companies looking at doing business in Iran”. Whether led by “wishful thinking” or plain ignorance or

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As FATA Blacklists Iran for money laundering and Terror Financing, Some Outlets Try To Overlook It

What’s stopping Western firms from carrying out deals with Iran wholeheartedly? In previous posts, we have suggested that rather than the existing sanctions (which, of course, were imposed for a reason), it is the Iranian regime itself which is the

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What happens after elections in Iran?

When Iran held its parliamentary elections a few weeks ago, we witnessed extreme efforts by the Guardian Council to screen out and put obstacles in the path of candidates who did not fit the bill of the Iranian regime –

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