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Is Western Media Buying Iran’s Revolutionary Narrative?

Iran celebrated the 36th anniversary of its Islamic Revolution last week to great fanfare, replete with speeches by high-level dignitaries and the usual – “traditional,” even – chants of “death to America.” Has anything changed since last year, when Iranians

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The Ideological Gap in Iran’s Nuclear Negotiations

Of the vast volumes of press Iran got this week, it was an op-ed on Al-Sharq al-Awsat that caught our eye. The analysis, by veteran journalist Amir Taheri, shed light on the nature of the rift between Iranian President Hassan

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The 2014 ‘Moderates’ And 1979…. Progressives?

With over half of Iran’s population under 30, and a high rate of unemployment amid economic woes, Iranian lawmakers have devised a method to make birth rates in the country rise – after decades of decline prompted by progressive family

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