Reza Marashi

reza marashiAbout Reza Marashi

Reza Marashi joined NIAC in 2010 as the organization’s first Research Director.

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Top Quotes By Reza Marashi

April 23, 2013 (The Guardian)

“The rules of the game have been known and largely followed for three decades, and the cutthroat nature of Iranian politics is now being shaped by the Ahmadinejad camp repeatedly pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable by the Islamic republic’s own standards”

April 06, 2013 (Huffington Post)

If U.S. officials are correct in noting that the Iranian government is trying to portray a manageable problem as bigger than it really is, why are internationally-respected research organizations publishing reports to the contrary?

April 03, 2013 (The National Interest)

Decision makers in the P5+1 should be careful not to assume that mere dissatisfaction at the elite level will put pressure on the regime in Tehran to change its nuclear policy. This is particularly true when the dissatisfied elements don’t believe that a change of policy will remedy their pain.

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