The UNIFIL mandate touches on key issues of concern

Recently, an effort was extended at the UN to expand and enhance the mandate of UNIFIL. This issue was limply covered in the media, although it does touch on some principled issues. UN security council recently (August 30) adopted resolution

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Iranian infiltration in the US

Several reports have dwelled on Iranian backed infiltration into the US. Some of the reports deal with soft-power quiet infiltration in the academic field. Others deal with the hard-core recruitment of Hezbollah agents for the planning of terrorist attacks or

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Iranian Apologists Disconnect Between Facts and Conclusions on Iran

On August 20 the washingtonpost published an editorial affirming Iranian regional aggression, terming Iran’s ambitions as “toxic” and confirming the concern over the temporary nature of the nuclear deal with Iran. The editorial approves the assessment that “most of its

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Iranian entrenchment in Syria may trigger regional war

Iranian entrenchment in Syria is becoming a global issue. It has been raised before security decision makers in Washington and in Moscow. It is now assumed that the increased Iranian presence in Syria may be a trigger for regional war.

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Iran warming relations with Hamas – now it is official

Most probably worthy of “picture of the week” was Foreign Minister Zarif hugging Hezbollah deputy secretary general Naim Kassem, twitted by Hassan Dai with the title “Goodfellas”. No surprise that Iran loves the Hezbollah and supports them. After all, the

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EU Still Delusionary Regarding Iran

The participation of European Union’s Foreign Policy chief Federica Mogherini at the inauguration of Iranian president Rouhani drew negative media and bloggers attention, and rightfully so. Her participation raises questions regarding the direction that Europe is choosing, and its appearance

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Iran is losing the people – sports and politics

A storm has erupted in Iran. A hashtag titled “NoBan4OurPlayers” has been launched. The nytimes is one of the few mainstream media outlets that devoted a report to this issue. It may look like a sports issue, but it is

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