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Iran Blocks Reformists, Women To Keep Hardliners In Power

Iran’s parliamentary elections are imminent. And what is Iran doing to ensure the process proceeds as smooth as possible? As we thought: putting as many obstacles as possible in reformists’ (and women’s) paths to candidacy, while simultaneously fanning the flames

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“Hijab Day”: A Dilemma – Solidarity with Islam or with freedom of Women in Iran

Lately, two parallel developments have been discernable in the West’s relations with its Muslim minorities: the worrying rise of Islamophobia, racism, and prejudice amid fears of terrorist attacks; and increased efforts and calls by non-Muslim populations, including interfaith leaders, to

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Selling a “Cool” but misleading Iran to Millennial Tourists

From a few recent articles promoting and marketing Iran as a viable, safe and even “chilled” travel destination for millennials on the prowl for excitement, one can get the impression that Iran is “misunderstood”. They voice displeasure at the fact

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As Rezaian Marks 500 Days in Jail, New York Times Targeted For Hypocrisy On Iran

Iran’s judiciary announced that Washington Post reporter, Jason Rezaian, a dual Iranian-American citizen held on trumped-up espionage charges, would be sentenced to prison for an undisclosed amount of time. Now, Rezaian is already marking over 500 days (!) in Iranian

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Is Iran Changing, Or Has It Merely Been ‘Rebranded’?

Iran is changing in many ways. As documented recently on Humans of New York (Tehran edition), the lifestyle and aspirations of many 21st-century Iranians – Iranian millennials, if you will – is not so different from those of their peers

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Iran’s Mixed Messages, Soon in Your Inbox?

Some months ago, Jon Stewart’s directorial debut, Rosewater, brought to the public eye the plight of journalists jailed by the Iranian regime – as well as said regime’s attempts to convince them (by torture, among other methods) to devote their

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Iran Plays Matchmaker – But Can It Beat Tinder?

Iran has a dating problem. Tinder (whose LA-based founders are themselves Iranian-American) requires Facebook, which the authorities try to block in Iran, therefore not really an option. Although, VPN access does make it possible to swipe left or right far

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